Monday, October 30, 2017

Disney--Day 6

Our last day at Disney was spent at the Magic Kingdom, of course!!
It was hot, as in sweltering, melting, hot!! It was also crowded which didn't help!
First thing we did was get our picture in front of the castle, before we looked hot and sweaty!

 Ariel and her grotto are in the back of the park. I had forgotten all about her until we took a wrong turn and ended up there the night before. We had an extra fast pass on Friday, so we used it on the Ariel ride (I don't remember the name of it). 
After the ride, we got in line to meet her.

Our plans for the rest of the day were to ride all of our favorite rides, one last time, cash in all of our left over snack vouchers, take it slow and enjoy our last day. 
We had just gotten off of Pirates of the Caribbean when it started raining. We were waiting for it to let up (however it was getting worse!), when mom called to tell us that a tropical storm was heading towards our path home. It was predicted to make landfall as a hurricane, on Saturday evening, at the time we would be parking in Pensacola for the night. We made the decision to head back to the camper, pack up, and head to Pensacola that night. We left the park quickly. It wasn't the fun farewell to Disney that I had envisioned, but we dodged the hurricane!!

Our trip to Disney as a family of 4 was perfect for us. Disney World is magical, especially when you see it through your kids eyes! We are all ready to go back again one day!!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Disney--Day 5

Day 5, Thursday.
Our original plan was: Animal Kingdom for a few hours in the morning. Then back to Ft Wilderness to relax, take naps, get the girls Halloween costumes on and head to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. 
But sometimes plans get changed.
When we woke up on Thursday morning, it was raining...then started pouring. So we spent the whole morning in the camper.

 We were all getting restless and the pouring rain was letting up. We decided to make the best of the day. Since we don't really like Animal Kingdom, we all agreed to go to the Magic Kingdom. 
We dressed in our rain jackets and off we went. I mean, a little rain never hurt anyone!
We were delighted to see that not everyone agreed and the park was not crowded at all!!
We rode the magic carpets...Zo wasn't too fond of the rain in her face!!
 The carousal...because it was Elleigh's FAVORITE!
 Pooh and Tigger were out. Elleigh  surprisingly LOVED them!!
 Since there was very little crowd, we were able to do so much! We lost track of time! Before we knew it, we didn't have time to go all the way back to the camper to get costumes we just stayed for the party in our un-themed Halloween/Disney wear (insert sad face).
 We rode of few more rides, shopped the special Halloween merchandise, trick or treated some, then got our spot for the parade.
 Halloween lights on Cinderella's castle.

Although things didn't not go as planned, and we didn't really love the Halloween was the best day!! 
We braved the rain and even though we spent 12hrs straight, the kids were perfect!! 
It truly was a magical day!!

Disney--Day 4--Part 2

...Frozen Ever After!!
Thankfully we had fast passes because the standby line was insanely long!
The ride was so neat!! But, there was a huge downhill slope that got Zoey soaked...and neither of girls liked the hill!! Thankfully it took our picture! Elleigh Kate had a delayed reaction because she definitely wasn't as calm as she looks in the picture!!
After the ride, we shopped in the Frozen gift store (got Zoey a new, dry shirt!! Elleigh also had a wardrobe change after an unfortunate diaper leak!)..
It was then time to meet Elsa and Anna. 
Zoey was in absolute Heaven!! Both princesses took their time and really chatted it up with her!

 Elleigh Kate fell asleep while we waited in line to meet them...we did not want to wake her up!!

 This picture! Her face! That smile! She loved Elsa!!!

 Elsa is holding Elleigh's baby Sven. She said when Elleigh Kate woke up to tell her Sven had a big, warm hug, from Elsa to give to her.
It then started raining yet again. 
Per Zoey's request for more of the yummy cornbread, we headed back to the camper and got P&J's Takeout for dinner.

Disney--Day 4--Part 1

On Wednesday we headed to Epcot.
Zoey couldn't believe we actually got to go into the "Ball". The wait for the ride was about 20min. When we got off there was no line at all, so we hopped back on. Elleigh Kate sat down and quickly picked Portuguese instead of English. So that was fun...listening to the entire ride in a language in which you couldn't understand a single word!
 We had fast passes to FINALLY meet Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy!!

 Elleigh Kate was still a little frightened by them, but was also willing to give hugs!

 We walked around the World Showcase for awhile and then it was time for the most exciting part of the day...

Disney--Day 3

Day 2 at the park was spent at Hollywood Studios.
We were met by the marching Storm Troopers as soon as we got there. The girls were NOT a fan of them!!
 We then ran into Donald Duck. Elleigh Kate couldn't contain her excitement, so we got in line to meet him.

 Then when he tried to hug her, she immediately regretted her decision and wouldn't let go of Brad.
 Our first Fast Pass of the day was for Toy Story Mania. The girls LOVED it. When we were done we saw the wait time was only 45min, so we got in line and rode it again.

 Right across the street from Toy Story Mania, is the meeting place for Buzz and Woody.
 Clearly Elleigh Kate's feelings for Buzz hadn't changed over night. She was completely terrified of him and Woody!!

 But, in the end, she was brave enough to give Buzz a high five!
 We also had a fast pass for the Frozen Sing Along.
 This was amazing! Very comical! They also encouraged everyone to sing along loudly!
The girls absolutely LOVED it!! At the end it even snowed...which Zoey quickly pointed out "It's just soap!"
 On our way out we found a store that sold and embroidered Mickey ears. Everyone needs a pair!!
The girls picked out their own!
Pooh and Princess, of course!!

 Zoey informed me, on the way to the car, that she wasn't a human...she was a Princess!
It started raining as we were leaving so we headed back to Ft. Wilderness, got our dinner at P&J's takeout (they had the best cornbread I've eaten!!), and ate in the comfort of our camper.