Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Disney~~Day 2

 Our first day at the parks was spent at Magic Kingdom.
The girls woke up early so we decided to get to the park close to when it opened.
We headed to the boat docks to catch a boat to Magic Kingdom. 
Brad and I laughed at how excited they were about riding a boat...we could only imagine their delight of the actual rides!!

 This was mine and Brad's first time to visit the park in Oct. The fall and pumpkin decorations were so cute!
 Main Street U.S.A!!
I teared up a little as we turned onto this street and Zoey saw Cinderella's castle. Seeing Disney World through your child's eyes is even more exciting than seeing it yourself for the first time.
She was in awe and so excited!

We ran into Cinderella's stepsisters. They were funny...
 ...but Elleigh Kate wasn't quite sure what to think of them!
We had fast passes for Dumbo. It's a classic and I literally had to drag Elleigh Kate off!!

Elleigh Kate always cries when she rides the carousel at the zoo, but she desperately wanted to ride this one. The wait wasn't long so we said ok. She loved it! 

We rode a few more rides, ate lunch...then it was time to meet some Princesses!!



 ...and Tiana.
 Each of the Princesses took their time, talked to the girls, and made them feel so special.
Zoey was in heaven!!
Zoey begged to ride the teacups. They make Brad sick so he was more than happy to take Elleigh to get our afternoon snacks while Zoey and I rode.
 She belly laughed the whole time! 
 We ran into Buzz in Tomorrow Land. Elleigh thought she wanted to see him...but then panicked a little once it was our turn.

By this time, we were exhausted so we ended our day with the good ole People Mover. 

We had a magical first day! 

Disney~~Day 1

The long awaited Disney World trip was finally here!! 
The trip started out horribly due to truck problems. But, thankfully my parents came to the rescue and the drive ended up being uneventful. 
We even got to see two gators along the side of the rode so that was exciting!
The girls are seasoned road trippers by now and they did great. Lots of naps and Zoey even managed to do some of the school work Mrs Edwards had sent for her.

 The squeals in our car as we entered the park were deafening!! 
 We got checked into Ft. Wilderness, found our spot, got set up and headed to The Trails End for dinner.
 Of course we couldn't end our first day without a trip to the gift shop!!
Even though we were all excited to finally be here, we had a long drive that day and were ready to go to bed...tomorrow the real fun would begin!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Special Visits

Last Friday Elleigh Kate and I surprised Zoey by eating lunch with her. It was fun seeing Zoey and meeting some of her sweet friends.
Elleigh Kate cried and cried when we had to leave without Zoey! She definitely misses her sister during the day!
 Mom had lunch with Zoey during grandparents week.
 (and took a picture of her buying her lunch per my request!!)
 Mimi also came for lunch during Grandparents week.
Both Gram and Mimi's visit was a complete surprise for Zo!
 Zoey and Abigayle are going to two different elementary schools and have been missing each other. I arranged for Abigayle to come over one day after school. She wasn't able to stay long but the time was well spent!! 
Have I mentioned how much I love their sweet friendship??

Goodbye Training Wheels

Last night we took the training wheels off Zoey's bike. As soon as I picked her up from school today she started asking if she could try riding it. In under an hour, she was successfully riding her bike unassisted on two wheels. 
I am so proud of her and she even more proud of herself!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Class of 2030

Zoey will be in the Graduating Class of 2030!
Let's watch her grow!

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day of School

Today I sent my Zoey off to Kindergarten!
We both did really well!
I only shed a few tears after leaving her in her class room.
 Here's to a new season of life!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life Happenings

Elleigh Kate has been moved into a big girl!
She was quickly outgrowing her crib. A few days prior we took the front rail off of her baby bed. She did great and not once got out. Every morning like usual, she called me in there when she was ready to get up.
 On Sunday we put her big girl bed up. She was very unsure of it when it was time to go to bed.
But she eventually warm up to it and fell asleep. 
A week later she loves it! She still calls me in there every morning and after nap to get her up! It has been an easy transition and for that I'm thankful!
 Thursday night was Zoey's first ballet lessons.
 She was so excited! After she got dressed she kept saying "thank you! Thank you mommy for letting me take ballet! Thank you! Thank you!"
I have never seen that child smile so big!
I am so glad we finally decided to let her try it out!