Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Eve

New Years Eve this year was a blast! Zoey really wanted to go "snowing". It had been a few weeks since it snowed, so we had to drive up in to the mountains to find some.
 We took the sleds to Mueller State park, found the smaller sledding hills, and had the best time!!!

 Zoey had been desperate to make a snow angel! It wasn't as fun as she thought though! She got stuck in knee deep snow when she was trying to get up!!
 Elleigh was content in the 2 person sled with either Leigh Ann or I....but Zoey was brave and by the time we left, was going down on her tummy! She even flipped off a couple of times and just laughed!

After a couple of hours, we were cold and hungry. We stopped for dinner at , what Colorado people call, a Mexican restaurant. We then headed home to ring in the New Year!
We love entering a New Year with our best friends! It's a tradition that I hope continues for many years to come!
In 2016:
 Brad and I learned to lean on and trust our Lord more than ever when Elleigh Kate had her cranial reconstructive surgery. We voted in a historical presidential election. 
Zoey  turned 4, learned to write her name, played on a soccer team, memorized her first bible verse, lost her first tooth, and recited a line in her pre-schools Christmas program 
Elleigh Kate had skull surgery, turned a year old, learned to walk, and started weekday school.
As a family we got a camper, went on a few camping trips. and are planning many more for 2017. Made many more summer and holiday traditions, Road tripped to and from Colorado, and just enjoyed time with our little family!!
Peace out 2016, you were good to us!!

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