Sunday, January 15, 2017

Phone Dump

Life has been pretty boring lately. We are just getting back into the routine of school and normal life after the Holidays! These are just some pictures of happenings, via my phone
The weekend we got back from CO, it snowed! Not a lot, but enough to thrill Zoey!!
 A niece and nephew with birthdays 3 days apart mean their parties are generally on the same day. This year they were the same day and same time! So we divided and conquered. Brad and Zoey went to Maddie's, while Elleigh and I went to Aiden's.
Also, when did Zoey start looking like such a big girl???

 When humans and dogs love popcorn!
 Last Monday we had Elleigh Kate's speech, or lack of, evaluated.
She will start speech therapy in a few weeks.
 On Thursdays our trash truck comes! It's the highlight of Zoey's week! She always runs outside to wave, and the guys are nice enough to wave and say hi to her. We have even made cookies a couple of times for them!
 We joined the YMCA. The gym is SO NICE and they have childcare! The girls enjoy going and sometimes even see their friends from church and school.
When we left the gym on Friday morning, I treated Zoey and myself to Smoothie King. It was her first time there. She loved it!!

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