Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last Day of WDS/PreK Graduation

Today was the last day of Week Day School. 
After a somewhat rough start, Elleigh Kate ended up having a great year!
 Ms Suzann and Ms Darice were the best teachers!
So patient and sweet to my baby and all the other littles in their class.
 Apparently Ms Darice sat next to Elleigh Kate everyday during nap time!
I keep asking if Elleigh can be in their class again next year, but am told that she is smart and ready to move on up!
 I knew this would be an emotional day for me. It was Zoey's PreK Graduation!
 All the pictures I got are blurry because she just couldn't stand still!!
Walking in to Pomp and Circumstance.
 Presentation of Diploma from Ms Whitney and Bibles from Ms Leslie.

 We are so proud of Zoey! 
 Ms Whitney and Ms Martha have been wonderful! Zoey has learned so much this year from these two ladies and is ready to move on to Kindergarten (sniff sniff).
 This is Eli. He was in the other Pre-K class. 
Zoey said they are going to get married when they are 9!
Eli told his mom that Zoey is his girlfriend...because Zoey said she was!!
Oh Lord help us!!
 I absolutely love these girls and their sweet friendship!
When naming all the friends she was going to miss, Zoey would say "But not Abigayle because I know I will still see her all the time!!"
Now let the summer fun begin!

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