Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lake Medina - Day 4

Our 4th and final day at Lake Medina was the 4th of July. One of my most favorite holidays. 
 We had heard about a local parade that was taking place not far from the camp ground so we went.
It was HOT, and probably the smallest parade that I have ever attended...but the girls had fun and that's all that mattered!

 After lunch and a short nap, we headed to the pool. When we got there we found that it was closed. We were all pretty bummed, but made the best of it. We went to the lake, this time we were going to swim. I really didn't think the girls would swim in it, but after some coaxing and to my surprise they did! 
We had a blast...and I didn't take a single picture :(
Even with the short nap, the girls rallied with energy. We brought out the patriotic glow sticks (Zoey is obsessed with glow sticks), and went to the lake to watch fireworks.

 We found a nice spot, settled in, watched the BEAUTIFUL sunset, and ended our night with fireworks. It was my definition of the perfect 4th of July!
The next morning we loaded up and went home.
I think we all agreed that it was by far our favorite camping trip thus far.
We definitely made some lasting memories!

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