Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life Happenings

Elleigh Kate has been moved into a big girl!
She was quickly outgrowing her crib. A few days prior we took the front rail off of her baby bed. She did great and not once got out. Every morning like usual, she called me in there when she was ready to get up.
 On Sunday we put her big girl bed up. She was very unsure of it when it was time to go to bed.
But she eventually warm up to it and fell asleep. 
A week later she loves it! She still calls me in there every morning and after nap to get her up! It has been an easy transition and for that I'm thankful!
 Thursday night was Zoey's first ballet lessons.
 She was so excited! After she got dressed she kept saying "thank you! Thank you mommy for letting me take ballet! Thank you! Thank you!"
I have never seen that child smile so big!
I am so glad we finally decided to let her try it out!

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