Friday, August 4, 2017

Random Life

It's summertime in Texas. 
It's too hot to do anything...except for swimming.
Zo has been swimming with Abigayle a few times...
 ...and we've been putting the community pool to use!!

 Zoey is losing teeth left and right! She finally lost her second front tooth on Friday July 21, and lost another bottom tooth on Sunday July 23!! 
That's a total of 5 teeth gone!
 Zoey dances around the house 24/7 and is ALWAYS putting on dance performances for us. We finally contacted a dance studio about enrolling her in ballet. We went and toured the studio last night. We enrolled her and got her fitted for her first pair of ballet shoes. She is so excited and couldn't stop smiling! 
 Her first class is the week of the 21st. She can't wait!

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